Geological Survey of NSW


GSNSW maintains a wide range of geoscientific information. Apart from providing quality advice and products, the following services are available.

Online services deliver geological, geophysical, corporate and heritage information and data to the community. These include the MinView map viewer, which allows users to display and query exploration and mining titles and geoscience information in an interactive web map. The Digital Imaging of Geological System (DIGS®) is a document database containing exploration and geoscience reports and publications generated by industry and the Department.

Drillcore libraries store core submitted by mineral, coal and petroleum exploration companies and from government projects. Drillcore storage facilities are located at:

State reference collections support geological mapping, mineral systems and research projects. They are stored at the W B Clarke Geoscience Centre in western Sydney. The Economic Rock and Mineral Collection contains about 24,000 specimens and the Palaeontological Collection contains about 45,000 specimens. There are about 70,000 rock thin sections and over 2000 polished block samples stored along with their hand specimens.

Spectroscopic scanning of drillcore is available to industry and researchers for producing digital images, surface profiles and mineralogical interpretations using the HyLogger™ and TSG™ software at the W B Clarke Geoscience Centre.