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This product provides information on the geology, and mineral and energy resources of New South Wales, Australia, using links and data to help prospective explorers and other stakeholders. It focusses specifically on information for metallic minerals, industrial minerals, geothermal resources, coal and petroleum.

This package is current at December 2020. Information presented here should only be considered current for a short period of time.

This information has been collated by the Geological Survey of New South Wales (GSNSW), which is part of Mining, Exploration and Geoscience in the Department of Regional NSW, the organisation responsible for acquiring and delivering geoscientific information and research and for administering, and promoting the environmentally and socially responsible use of, the state's mineral resources. This includes mining and exploration title grants, geological and geophysical mapping and geoscience information delivery.

The Department of Regional NSW champions regional issues and helps to build strong, resilient communities and economies, grow primary industries, create jobs and employment, and steward the use of our natural endowments: our lands, minerals, agriculture, mining and natural resources.

The Department drives transformational investment in the future of regional NSW. Government investment into regional NSW must be fair and deliver positive outcomes for local communities and businesses. The needs of regional communities and economies must be balanced with environmental sustainability and protection. Growth must also enhance the sense of community and connectedness that makes our regions so distinctive.


The information contained in this product is based on knowledge and understanding at time of writing (December 2020).

Users should not rely solely on the information in this product in making decisions but should make their own inquiries and obtain professional advice. Users can check the currency of the information at the Mining, Exploration and Geoscience website.

The Department of Regional NSW (‘the Department’) and the State of New South Wales do not give any warranty or make any representation about the accuracy, currency, reliability, relevance or completeness of any information contained in this product.

To the fullest extent permitted by the law, the Department excludes all liability in relation to the information contained in this product, or for any injury, loss or damage to any person relying upon any such information.

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