NSW Seamless Geology Project

Seamless Geology of NSW

This dataset represents the latest seamless compilation of the best available digital geology mapping data for NSW in an internally consistent database format. Edge-match problems between geological maps of different eras have been resolved and, using geophysical and drillhole data, many of the geological layers have been inferred under cover sequences to give a series of continuous geology layers showing major geological subdivisions in subsurface and outcrop. The package also contains statewide base data (roads, railways, rivers, locations, contours) along with layers showing soil data and outcrop locations.

The seamless geology dataset is being annually updated and refined as new digital geological mapping data becomes available.

The second update (version 2.0) of the New South Wales statewide Seamless Geology dataset was released in May 2020. It is available for free download in ArcMap (10.4 or later), ArcGIS Pro (2.3 or later), MapInfo (11.5 or later) and QGIS (3.6 or later) formats.

Version 2.0 of the New South Wales Seamless Geology dataset contains the following changes since the release of version 1.1:

  • final data from the East Riverina Mapping Project
  • updates to the geology of several areas in the Lachlan Orogen
  • approximately 11,000 new structure points in the Lachlan Orogen and Curnamona Province
  • new fault attribution information for the western Lachlan Orogen
  • detailed revision of the Cenozoic Igneous Province
  • detailed mapping of the Newcastle Coal Measures
  • extensive upgrades to the Rock Unit polygon attribute table. Over 30,000 attribution changes were made to the master look-up table, correcting spelling mistakes and colour code issues. Four new columns have been added to the attribute table to capture the best available isotopic dating for relevant units
  • geology of Lord Howe Island has also been included for the first time
  • dataset is now also available in a single layer version where the various time slices have been flattened into a single layer, effectively presenting the surface geology only.

The new seamless geology dataset has been edited, simplified, and can be used on iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. See https://www.resourcesandgeoscience.nsw.gov.au/miners-and-explorers/geoscience-information/services/online-services/nsw-geology-phone-maps for more information.

The next version of the New South Wales Seamless Geology dataset (version 2.1) is scheduled for release in May 2021.

Contact: gary.colquhoun@planning.nsw.gov.au Ph: 02 4063 6652 or
chris.folkes@planning.nsw.gov.au Ph:02 4063 6625